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All types of mountain bikes are welcome from vintage to top of the range, normal to eBike

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We ride together, nobody gets left behind.

Who we are
Essex MTB Group

Mountain Bike rides and mountain bike trials in Essex, Sufolk, Norfolk, Kent and Surrey

Hi, my name is Adz.
Welcome to my website designed by my friend Sean CEO of Essex Sign & Design
I hope you will enjoy my idea of bringing mountain bikers together throughout the whole of the UK, NOT just Essex where I live. This idea came about as there are no websites dedicated to bringing likeminded people together and businesses.

The Story…..
I needed an escape from work life and although I enjoy fishing, I wanted to exercise. So, in 2017 at the ripe old age of 42 I bought a cheap mountain bike, Calibre Rail from Go Outdoors and started riding around my local park. Thanks to the modern age of internet and YouTube I discovered lots of places to ride and progress. Once I started getting into it and understanding the range of mountain bikes out there and their dedicated style of riding, I sold my cheap mountain bike from Go Outdoors and purchased a Boardman MTR8 Full Suspension mountain bike. It was a good entry level mountain bike into the world of trail riding and bike parks. Danbury Common soon became my weekend home and was progressing well. Meeting likeminded people of all ages and abilities. Cheap bikes to bank breakers. I soon started jumping, only a few inches off the ground and travelling a few feet at the start. I would progress slowly getting to my peak of about 2 foot off the ground clearing the tabletops, I was happy. Enter 2019, summer, and an overconfident state of mind, I joined a train down the trail, going at a quicker tempo than I used to. So, the inevitable happened and I had my first big off. Hitting a tree and shattering my right clavicle (collarbone). Three days after the accident I went in for my operation where it was pinned and plated. Then came lock down which wrote off most of 2020 for everybody. This was a major setback as it felt like I was worse than when I started back in 2017. I persisted but decided to rule out jumping and concentrate more on cross country style riding although still hitting and enjoying the bike park trails that are rollable. I fund raise for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance and support Mind and The Samaritans due to myself being on anti-depressants for 22 years and finally getting off the medication and my old self coming back. I hope to hold events in the future to fundraise for the above mentioned and possibly hold raffles and auctions too.

Which brings us to date.
My idea with this website is to bring us all together to share locations, help each other, not just in the world of biking. To progress ourselves and friends and help those just starting out or with confidence issues or coming back from injury. I am hoping this takes off and if it does, would like to add a forum and shop.
This should help the mountain bike community as a whole knowing where shops are and what they do and don’t do, if the specialise in i.e. wheel builds, shock refurbishment or eBike motor rebuilds. The forum would be nice for topics and locations, and general chit chat.
The idea of a shop in here could just be links to recommended shops or my own in-house shop that would be parts only, branded, no Chinese or knock off rubbish. I’d be looking at Shimano, SRAM, FSA, KMC and Rapid Race Products.
I have a lot of enthusiasm for this to happen and will work hard to try and get the shop go ahead.
I will also reach out to local / local ’ish semi-pro and pro riders plus You Tubers to get on board fingers crossed.
I hope you have a nice time on here and meet soon.
Mountain biking is a great escape with endless possibilities.

Your team…
Adz and partner Tracey – Founder, Creator and Administrator of Essex MTB Group
Sean – Website Creator and Administrator
Phill – Facebook Administrator
Jaie - Facebook Administrator
Lee – Facebook Administrator
Steve – Facebook Moderator
Valdas - Facebook Moderator
Mike - Facebook Moderator
Freddy - Facebook Moderator
Stuart at Essex Bicycles - Facebook Group Expert
Carl at Carl Sullivan Cycle Service & Repair Facebook Group Expert
Morne at Bicycleworx - Facebook Group Expert
Nick at Pedal-Worx MTB - Facebook Group Expert Moderators will change from time to time and we will do our up most to keep everything up to date.

MTB Events

Discover all our latest mountain bike events via google calender, to add these events to your calander simply click the plus button at the bottom right of calander below.

Please read the event details carefully.

  • Event arrival 09.30
  • Event departure 10.00
  • Unless otherwise stated

If the Event is 'DELETED' it means it's been 'CANCELLED'. So PLEASE check on the day before leaving.

Thank you Adz

Mountain Bike Group
Rules & Info

Mountain Bike Group Infomation

Regular mountain bike event locations

  • Langdon Hills (xc)
  • Thorndon Woods (xc)
  • Warley Gap Bike Park (trails)
  • Danbury Woods (xc)
  • Danbury Common Bike Park (trails)
Special mountain bike event locations throught the UK

Rides with (All below are Facebook Groups)

  • Essex & Suffolk mtb
  • Wickford Mountain Bike

Mountain bike rides throughout Essex, Suffolk, Kent & Surrey All types of mountain bikes are welcome from vintage to top of the range, normal to eBike (pedal assist only) NO non pedal electric bikes allowed i.e. home builds with throttle or trigger or moto style Surron.! Catering for all levels of experience

Group Rules


We cater for all levels of riding ability and can adapt on the day and during the rides for people with special needs, disabilities, mental health illness and new to mountain biking.
All Ages (Under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult *over 18)
Helmets are a must, eye protection should be taken seriously and it doesn’t hurt to have a small first aid kit or at least a home-made kit, not just for yourself but maybe somebody else you come across.
We ride together, nobody gets left behind.
The distance and pace is decided on the day by the group of riders.

Meeting Points
Langdon Hills Car Parks Westley Heights
Car Park 1 *FREE*
View Location

Car Park 2 *FREE overflow car park*
View Location

Car Park 3 *FREE overflow car park*
View Location

Langdon Hills
On bike meeting / setting off point
View Location

Thorndon Woods Car Park & Meeting point

Up to 1 hour £2.30
Up to 2 hours £3.50
Up to 3 hours £4.60
Over 3 hours £5.80 * recommended*
View Location

Danbury Woods & Danbury Common
Car Park *FREE* & Meeting point
View Location

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Essex MTB Group